Other Autos I've Had!

                 My First Car





My first ride in an Import

Mike Branham's dad in Tuscola in 1957!

My first VW was a used 1956 Convertible

(closest thing I could find and afford to Porsche above)

1959 R26 BMW

Our 1958 VW

Mine was a 1960! the paint fell off!

My First Volvo, California White 1961 Volvo PV 544

Those are Michelin X, Stop Tread Radials in 1962!

1962 "B18B" PV544,     52 miles in 30 minutes!

Even Slot Cars!

Dad's 1959 VW


Drove this 144 for  22 years!               Hodaka 90     


Very Fast GMC 454 (without camper!)                                           


                                                Rickman 125 6Day Replica

                                            More here  (now in Barber Motorcycle Museum)



           Nice R 50/2                       Nicer R 69S (Still in Stable)

We put many miles on this Beemer!

1972 1800ES Automatic

My old beater, 1970 144 Test Car!!


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