"IPD" 164 E

Built in Sweden 1971, Rebuilt 1986-93 in Illinois

Now resides in Texas

    Looking for many curves with a few long straight sections thrown in!!  

         VOLVO 164E 1971 

4spd  + Electric OD

Performance Enhancements:                                            Don't mess with a    Raging Moose!


IPD, Trax 14" x 6 1/ 2" Wheels    #6A6300 

IPD, McGard lug nuts     #6A6000 

IPD, McGard Locking lug nuts    #6A6130 

IPD, Chrome Valve Stems     #6A0409 

IPD, Sway Bar Kit (F/R)     #6K5008

IPD, Bilstein Shocks Frt.     #B46-287 

IPD, Bilstein Shocks Rr.     #B46-297 

IPD, Urethane Bushings (Shock Mts)   #2B1015 

IPD, Repco Front Brake Pads    #D160 

IPD, Repco Rear Brake Pads    #D103 

Hammond Auto Electric, Ventilated Rotors

Momo, Wood Rim Indy 370mm Steering Wheel

Vredestein, Sprint ST70 Tires    195/70SR1




1973 Fuel Injection

IPD, Deves Piston Rings     #2A1806 

IPD, Oil Galley Plugs     #2A1002 

IPD, Oil Pump Reinforcing Ring    #2A9003 

IPD, Oil Pump HD Springs     #2A0060 

IPD, Street Performance: Camshaft   #2A7002 

IPD, Lifter Kit With Pushrods    #2A5058

IPD, Double Valve Springs     #2A2526

IPD, Aluminum Spring Retainers    #2A1007

IPD, Lightweight Adj Nuts     #2A0516

IPD, Raymond Valve Seals    #2D0011

IPD, Steel Timing Gear Set    #2A4625

IPD, Main Bearing Set     #2A0890

IPD, Rod Bearing Set     #2A0891

IPD, Cam Bearing Set     #2A0899

IPD, Hardened Head Bolt Washers   #2A6716                                                 

Hammond Auto Electric, Engine Stabilizer                                                                   Link to IPD

IPD, Oil Filter       #2A1000

IPD, K&N HD Air Filter      #2C2840 

IPD, Adj. Computer Box     #2E1609

IPD, NGK Spark Plugs     #BP6HS

Lighting, Electrical:

BMW, 7.75" H4 Motorcycle Headlamps   100W / 80W

Hella, 5.75" H2 Spot PAR46    55W

Bosch, Rectangle H3 Fog Lights   55W

Accessory, Center mounted Rear Brake Light

Volvo, Rectangle H3 Backup Light   55w

Delco-Remy Alternator     65amp


Volvo, Instrument Panel with Speedometer, Tachometer,

            Fuel gauge, Water temp gauge.

            Auxiliary Panel with Ammeter, Voltmeter, Clock.


Pioneer, AM-FM Radio Tape Player

Volvo, Air Conditioner


Volvo, Rear, Shoulder Harness Seat Belt and Rear Head Rest

Extra Loud Twin Horns ( Spot Lamps wired to flash with horns)


GM, White

Interior, Tan Leather

With the help of IPD Accessories and Performance parts this Volvo 164 has been turned into a true Sports Sedan of the Highest Caliber.

A Lamborghini in good company in Virginia Beach, VA!

Stable Mates until 4/9/2007

I'm keeping the 544!!        My 544 B16B Sport Page

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