Large fold out PV544 Brochure

Looks like My544 made the center spread!

       My 1960 Volvo PV 544 B16B Sport at Mid America Motorsports. Effingham, IL      

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                                                                             Just a Dream!

Nardi wood rim steering wheel                                          

Cibie "Z Beam" H4 Headlights

Marchal "Fantastic" 670 Fog Lights

Vredestein Sprint + Radials 165R 15                                               

15 x 5  1/2" steel wheels (Early 1965 Shelby GT350)

C1AZ 1007-A

IPD Sway Bars

Bilstein Shocks                                                                                   

IPD suspension Poly Bushings

Stainless Steel Exhaust System


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The Nardi Steering Wheel makes quick work of maneuvers.


New Rubber mats and Headliner,

Upholstery is original!


Volvo PV is the only car to have Optional Shoulder Harness

Seat Belts front & rear starting in 1957!



"Fast Eddie" Church,  VMC 1974 setting in my 544!




Engine compartment to be spruced up this winter


Finally Rebuilt and maiden voyage 7/4/2008

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Before New Mats and Headliner

(Money Very Well Spent)

The very best Vintage Volvo parts source:
Susquehanna Spares 

Joe Lazenby 
3725 Elder Road 
Harrisburg, PA  17111 

Installing M40 transmission in PV544 B16B

K&N Filter Conversion

PV544A-B16-6volt Wiring Diagram in Color and English!

Convert Marchal "Fantastics" to H3 Bulbs

I have driven Volvos since 1961 when I tried to trade in a 1960 VW Karmann Convertible that the factory paint went bad on and VW paid to repaint but when it came out badly the dealer would not take care of it and even would not give me a good trade! Sure glad that the local (Champaign, IL) Volvo dealer came up with an offer I could live with. I have had one or two ever since! My son has three 122s, one 2 door that was his first car! the others are station wagons. I just sold one pride & joy (a 1971 164E I had rebuilt years ago) to a friend. Probably my favorite was the Red B18 1962 544, I had modified it to the point it would do over 112mph! I drove it to Ohio one late night and passed 52 mile markers in less than 30 minutes! I hated to slow down but we came to our exit! I have had a nice 1972 1800ES (Metalic Light Blue) but really didn't care for the automatic, to bad it wasn't a 4 Speed with Electric Overdrive.



VCOA 2009 Show


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